Kyree Forrest is an emerging, contemporary Irish fashion designer and a resident designer at the Fashion and Textile Design Centre FTDC in Derry/Londonderry, where she is working on the launch of her label, Kyree Forrest.

Kyree’s aesthetic is a definitive uniform of her personal signature, an unconventional beauty that exudes a coveted confidence. A classic rock edge with a dark romance brooding below, the Kyree Forrest label aspires to seduce, empower and trigger magnetism upon its wearer. From grungy leathers to suggestive sheers, it is a brand that stays loyal to the undercurrent of society but with polished sophistication.


Diamonds and precious stones form the main inspiration for her work, the metallic facets creating the patchwork and clean lines in her designs that she is becoming known for. An edgy brand that blends luxury with sustainability, only natural fabrics are used but not in typically conventional ways. Kyree has abandoned tradition and adopted a new vision for her work, with a strong, feminine innovation threaded throughout each collection.

Kyree has decided to set up a blog in order to document the journey of her label, from the very first steps of sourcing inspiration and fabrics for the designs to the photoshoots and fashion shows of her collections.


Kyree  ♥


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